Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Embrace disruption and win big in the cloud ecosystem.

Our Cloud-Native Development Services

Cloud-Native App Development

We focus on open standards for interoperability to develop apps that capitalize on the cloud environment’s potential. Experience the development services comprising Microservices, Containers, Dynamic Orchestration, and Continuous Delivery. Our domain-driven-design helps you build highly scalable apps that can be seamlessly deployed, adapted, or upgraded.

  • Microservice development.
  • Containers.
  • Dynamic orchestration.
  • Continuous delivery.

Legacy App Modernization

We inject modernization and refactoring to your legacy apps without impacting the existing business revenue models. Our services help in modernizing complicated legacy systems into cloud-native architecture. We provide a whole suite of apps modernization services viz. cloud hosting, industry-wise solutions, continuous management, and improvement.

  • APIs.
  • Cloud hosting.
  • Continuous management.
  • Mainframes.

Microservice Development

We help businesses adopt a microservices architecture for its features like resilience, scalability, productivity, flexibility, and robustness. By effectively combining Agile and DevOps’ essential principles, our microservices development services make your team more responsive and enhance the overall system’s reliability and scalability.

  • Monolithic apps.
  • Agile development.
  • DevOps.
  • Java, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud.

Container Strategy

We focus on microservices and cutting-edge tools like Kubernetes, which is an open-source container orchestration system. Containers can transform your organization’s operations with speed and efficiency. Our container strategy can get you down to the nitty-gritty of containers, assist in tool selection, and help you establish the essential security measures.

  • Kubernetes.
  • Open-source container orchestration system.
  • DevOps and Microservices.
  • Cloud strategy.


We drive the app development processes, manage them with a CI/CD pipeline, and fasten the delivery mechanisms with DevOps. DevOps complement cloud-native apps and focus on continuous delivery, development, and integration to improve the frequency of new updates, reduce defects, enhance performance, and increase collaboration.

  • Microservices and Containers.
  • CI/CD pipelines.
  • Multi-cloud.
  • Cloud-native dev tools.

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