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What is service management?

The purpose of service management is to provide a good and stable service to your customers, for example by responding quickly to their demands, and thus establish long-term customer relationships. The right service solution enables your employees to effectively manage customer contact, discover new opportunities and manage campaigns while building a close relationship with customers which help drive sales and encourage loyalty to your company and business brand.

Profitable service management in Business Central

Providing a good service is not always as easy as one might think. For example, managing and tracking services can be cumbersome to handle, but here is where Business Central comes to your aid. The solution includes, by default, service management tools that help you manage your service activities as well as achieve optimum service efficiency and gain complete control over your service related costs, so the service the company provides is becomes more profitable.

The business management tools in Business Central are among other things designed to support the repair shops’ operation and field service, but can also be used in various business scenarios such as the more complicated service distribution systems, industrial service environments that include billboards and mass expedition of service technicians who need additional management of spare parts.

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