Is Microsoft 365 Business Premiums’!

Microsoft 365 Business Premium's

Following recent Microsoft 365 Organization Premium license changes, we wanted to highlight a few critical capabilities that may aid your business in a variety of ways, including device management, security, compliance, and identity management and access.

Microsoft’s Business Premium plan, which supports up to 300 users, is a suitable choice for the SMB sector, offering several business products at a lower cost than comparable licensing offerings.

In this section, we will discuss what businesses can anticipate from Microsoft 365 Business Premium and how organizations may profit from the large range of capabilities.

Defender for Business

Microsoft has included the Enterprise edition of Defender for Endpoint with the 365 Business Premium license, allowing enterprises to integrate high-scoring devices to Microsoft’s EDR solution.

Defender for Endpoint protects not just Windows devices, but also macOS, Android, and iOS.

With behavioral analysis and automatic investigation and repair, this native utility secures Windows machines. Customers with Office 365 Business Premium may additionally use the web filtering solution provided with Microsoft Defender to add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind while decreasing the need for third-party solutions.

Azure Virtual Desktop

365 Business Premium offers all of the user access privileges required by enterprises to use an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solution, allowing for a streamlined business model on the Microsoft VDI platform. This includes the usage of AVD in personal or pooled solutions, as well as the ability to use the Microsoft 365 suite within these VDI settings.

Azure Virtual Desktop delivers a full desktop experience for users while simplifying management and administration for IT departments for enterprises aiming to construct a contemporary workplace. Enterprises gain from a standardized desktop experience for users that can be tailored to internal tasks, decreasing IT complexity, saving hardware costs, and assuring security throughout the IT ecosystem.


Microsoft Intune is an important component of Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscriptions, delivering enterprise-class cloud device management to the modern office. Intune may replace and manage outdated on-premises systems such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), shifting away from traditional imaging methods and fully using capabilities such as Autopilot for device provisioning.

Publish cloud-based apps to your users and manage device compliance and configuration to verify that devices are correctly accessing your organization’s resources. Intune may operate alongside or even replace traditional Group Policy setups, allowing your modern office to embrace cloud computing.

Intune also provides advanced provisioning and management for macOS, Android, and iOS devices, enabling a device-agnostic solution that can manage BYOD and enterprise devices within the environment at the app level, providing customers with assurance that their personal data and applications are not under corporate control.

Intune delivers sophisticated features to SMBs that were previously only available through more expensive corporate licensing by providing customers with greater protection wherever they are.

Azure Information Security

Azure Information Protection (AIP) delivers various useful compliance capabilities for your company that are in line with cybersecurity standards such as ISO27001.

Use confidentiality labeling for information protection, which allows your users to correctly label content, such as visual branding or document encryption, and safeguards data even after they leave the firm.Ensure that your data management is followed by using retention labels and rules. Secure emails with extra authentication methods to confirm identity and protect sensitive material using message encryption.

Add data loss prevention rules to your business for outbound visibility and control over data, as well as to avoid data leaks from confidential information.

Information protection and compliance are significant benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for businesses who wish to leverage cloud technologies in a modern work environment.

Enhancements to Azure Active Directory

Significant enhancements include the addition of Conditional Access rules and Dynamic Groups to enable better control and simplify access management.

Dynamic Groups may be used to group users/devices depending on variables or qualities, such as B. Department, allowing policy assignment in other areas to be automatically assigned based on other parameters.

Conditional Access governs organizational access control. Other device types can be restricted at the perimeter and multi-factor authentication enforced for enterprises that solely use Windows devices, enabling greater control and stronger security.

Conditional Access SMBs, which was previously only available through Enterprise licensing options, provides a substantial advantage that is granted by default with the 365 Business Premium license.

What else comes with Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Everything listed above are crucial additions to your Microsoft 365 stack, but they are not the only ones.

Users additionally receive Exchange Online licenses with 50GB mailboxes and archiving, as well as a full instal of the Microsoft 365 suite programmes (Outlook, Excel, Word, Teams, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access) on 5 devices, as well as shared computer enablement for VDI/RDS settings. OneDrive for Business with 1 TB of personal cloud storage per user, SharePoint Online with storage for your users’ intranet or document management solutions, and Microsoft Teams for chat, calls, collaboration, and meetings across your enterprise are all included.

The newest updates to 365 Business Premium enable SMBs to compete on an equal playing field with corporate businesses. The extensive feature set makes it possible to manage a whole cloud environment and create a contemporary workplace with the compliance, security, and accessibility that enterprises want.

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is great for SMBs since it combines business tools as well as better security and compliance capabilities into organizations at a low cost.

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