Is Office 365 right for my business?

Office 365 right for my business?

Is Office 365 appropriate for my business?

Moving to the cloud is a significant choice for most businesses.

Humans, by nature, dislike change, and shifting from the conventional on-premises IT strategy to the cloud is a significant transition for many businesses. Embracing new ways of working necessitates full-company buy-in and user acceptance of the change.

There are also many unknowns, which make businesses cautious to adapt. Common concerns include “will my data be secure?” and “does everything have to be moved to the cloud?” discourage businesses from departing from their established IT infrastructure

However, the advantages of migrating to the cloud are already well known. Most businesses discover that they can be more flexible, which leads to higher production and lower IT costs.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity package, with over 100 million active corporate users worldwide

It includes the many popular Microsoft programes we already know and use, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, as well as a slew of additional valuable tools centered on business productivity. Other Office 365 capabilities you may be familiar with include Skype for Business, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The productivity tools in Office 365 are so good that it is soon becoming the standard for many firms when upgrading their IT infrastructure and shifting to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud (and, in particular, Office 365) necessitates careful consideration and, in most situations, a compelling business case. If you’re considering a cloud migration, one of the first concerns you’ll definitely have is, “Is Office 365 appropriate for my business?”


True, the cloud introduces new security issues, partially because it presents new opportunities. One of the benefits of Office 365 over on-premises systems is the ability to work from anywhere or collaborate with those outside your organization. However, Office 365 is among the most widely used software packages in the world and provides the necessary security features. Microsoft spends more than $1 billion every year to ensure that Office 365 is the zenith of IT security.


Microsoft has the statistics to back up their claim that Office 365 is extremely dependable. Office 365 really does have a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% in 2019. If the existing data center fails, your apps will fail over to a backup site. All data saved to Office 365 is duplicated six times, three times in each data center, ensuring that your data is protected even if the hardware fails.


Using Office 365 lowers the ongoing expenditures of on-premises servers while also moving accountability for certain administration and maintenance activities, including as backups, to relieve burden on IT teams and allow employees to focus on work that will benefit the business. The “evergreen” paradigm of cloud technology, which means that you have always been on the most recent version, eliminates the need for future expensive update initiatives.

When migrating to the cloud, there is relatively minimal downtime. Your MSP can transfer you outside of business hours to ensure that there is little to no impact on normal business activity and operations. Most businesses migrate to the cloud in phases, beginning with email and would then add collaboration tools before moving documents from a classic file share.

By doing so, each transfer covers a modest volume of data and content, minimizing downtime. A hybrid method may be used for larger organizations with a lot of data to migrate, with some users in the cloud and others on-premises, working flawlessly together, while groups of employees are transferred across in batches.

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