Microsoft 365’s Security and Compliance features

Microsoft 365's Security

Learn about Microsoft 365’s Security and Compliance features

The enterprise-class Microsoft 365 cloud provides governance, compliance, and security capabilities for customers across all industries. However, many companies do not take full advantage of these capabilities and features. This is often due to a lack of internal resources, staffing shortages and budget constraints that pose greater long-term risks.

You may not know it, but all the tools are there in Microsoft 365 to keep you secure, compliant, and able to work without fear of network attacks and data leaks.

We explored the security and compliance capabilities of Microsoft 365 in our last webinar, discussing how organizations can collaborate without compromise, stay compliant and plan for governance, and stay secure once the right controls are in place.

Now more than ever, it’s important for teams to be able to collaborate from anywhere and stay completely secure. The security features built into Microsoft 365 make this possible, as Fionn Klimmek, Microsoft Modern Work and Security Specialist, explains in his session. M365 enterprise-class security is based on identity and access management, threat prevention, information protection and security management. Security and compliance features in M365 address these key areas so businesses can collaborate from anywhere, on any device, without compromise. Every day, Microsoft analyzes more than six trillion threat signals to inform its security capabilities and ensure they are responsive to an ever-changing threat and security landscape.

Your organization’s compliance can be managed through the Microsoft 365 compliance center, overseen by Director of Core Client Solutions, Eamon McGann. The Compliance Center dashboard shows you what compliance capabilities you have and allows you to activate the relevant tools. The Compliance Center enables organizations to build their compliance around the effective classification, protection and control of data. Many organizations already have access to the Compliance Center, but with a free trial you can access the dashboard to see your compliance landscape.

When it comes to staying secure, Microsoft Defense in depth multiple layers of security so organizations can monitor, detect and block potential attacks in real-time before they can successfully breach the network.

IT teams should also ensure they are taking full advantage of the security features already in place. Exchange Online Protection (EOP) protects your mailboxes; Now it’s time to customize or configure your policies to meet the needs of your organization. Ensure that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled for all users and enforce their use. And further increase your security by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (known as ATP) to enforce safe links and attachments in emails.

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