5 Staffing Agency and Recruiting Firm Myths Solved

Staffing Agency and Recruiting Firm Myths

Staffing Agency and Recruiting Firm Myths Solved

Staffing and recruiting businesses are no longer the same. Several businesses used to see temporary help purely as a tool for filling immediate gaps in their workforce (i.e., employee absenteeism, vacation, prolonged leave, etc.), typically for entry-level roles. But not any longer.

Staffing firms have become an important element of a company’s overall talent acquisition efforts as global demand for talent has expanded.

Staffing firms today provide high-quality people for temporary, contract-to-hire, and full-time roles at all levels and divisions of a business. Partnering with a staffing business, even without an effective overall talent acquisition plan, will considerably improve an organization’s productivity and profitability.

In this article, we will debunk five fallacies about working with staffing agencies and recruiting firms.

5 Staffing Agency and Recruiting Firm Myths Solved

Myth #1: “They’re too pricey.”

Fact: Working with hiring agencies and recruiting businesses should save your company money. Staffing businesses may significantly reduce labor expenditures by allowing you to better match your force to your workload.

They can help you cut overtime costs, lower benefits costs, and change time unit administration. After you’ve rented a regular employee, you’ll be able to use a staffing firm’s recruitment skills and economies of scale to swiftly and affordably obtain the talented individuals you require.

Myth #2: “All temporary employees are entry-level.”

Fact: Temporary employees now cover practically every trade and increasingly include highly trained individuals. Indeed, professional occupations are the fastest expanding areas of the staffing business, including healthcare, information technology, accounting/finance, creative/marketing, HR, and executive-level professionals. Staffing firms will provide on-demand skills to solve mission-critical projects at a fraction of the cost of employing a consultant.

Myth #3: “You can’t get a good person through a staffing agency.”

Fact: Staffing businesses utilize stringent screening, interviewing, skills testing, and background / reference checks to ensure the quality of people they provide. In addition, unlike a private applicant you find on your own, a candidate from a hiring firm comes with a guarantee.

Myth #4: “Temporary staffing organizations only give ‘temps.'”

Fact: Today’s staffing companies offer a wide range of services that may be tailored to your specific needs, such as temporary help, direct hiring, temp-to-hire, contract staffing, and payroll services. Several employment firms can give extra strategic workforce management options such as on-site supervision and trafficker management systems.

Myth #5: “Temps are mainly useful for fill-ins.”

Fact: in addition to covering specific absences or sicknesses, businesses frequently utilize temporary and contract workers to provide additional help at busy periods, staff particular brief projects, access specialized skills, and assess talent for permanent employment.

These are just a few examples of the various ways in which firms use temporary labor as a strategic business strategy. Contact Sparks Group now to learn more.