Why should we include Azure Active Directory on your technological roadmap?

Azure Active

Why should we include Azure Active Directory on your technological roadmap?

Gone are those days when we used traditional methods to get our work done. Let’s discuss why Azure Active Directory should be on your technology roadmap as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM).

If you are new to Azure Active Directory (AD), then this blog post aims to explain what Azure AD is and why it matters.

In short, Microsoft Endpoint Manager uses Azure AD for user and device identification. Azure AD allows admins in your organization to seamlessly handle multiple logins, allowing them to assign a single username and password to multiple services.

It made sense for me to about Microsoft Intune with MEM -Element to follow allows you, as a company, to manage not only the identity of your employees’ devices, but also the users and user groups and include multi-factor authentication (MFA) not only for company devices such as laptops, but also for BAU applications ,used on personal devices such as smartphones.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service that helps you as a company to efficiently manage your property and your employee base remotely . Azure AD protects sign-in activity not only for internal resources like your M365 applications, but also for 1000 other SAAS applications.

The reason this is becoming so important now is because Azure AD is critical to successfully securing and managing an organization remotely. This is key for organizations looking for the best way to function during a global pandemic and beyond. It’s a key component that enables your organization to thrive with the new work landscape.

Azure AD also ensures that MFA is successfully implemented across all devices and for enterprise applications, which is critical since your users could work from anywhere and everywhere. Your IT team or administrator can control access to your enterprise applications and resources based on your strategic business direction.

Your administrators can also do this remotely using the cloud-based apps available in M365, but also non-native Microsoft apps. Azure AD is specially designed for the SAAS international and for cloud computing with a faraway workforce. Previously IT groups in a few enterprises have struggled to promote this idea as its miles, to many choice makers, the ‘unknown’.

In non-public experience, while operating with a client who’s worried that cloud computing isn’t the manner to head due to the fact they don’t recognize it and don’t need to recognize it, it’s very hard to extrude their mind. What 2020 and the worldwide pandemic has done is create the commercial enterprise case for faraway operating to be preferred, now no longer simply in public zones however throughout all industries.

Azure AD and MEM need to now be preferred throughout all era techniques as it’d be the first-rate manner to destiny evidence your agency in opposition to other troubles that can affect your commercial enterprise. It is likewise a key pillar in making cloud computing now no longer simplest a reality, however a steady and secure reality.

Why should we include Azure Active Directory on your technological roadmap?

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